Prayers of a Virgin

What would you like to share with me this special day?

You are unfolding and already existing in perfect harmony. Perfect oneness. What does this mean to you? That you are the conjurer with the special brew. It’s all in you. Keep still. Stay inside…yourself. It’s all very possible and it is right here now. This self-love, this joy that exudes from the inside out like the beautiful star that you are. Keep smiling, laughing, observing and resending. You have found your way home to yourself. There isn’t much else that matters. The “business as usual” life as you know it is about to be over and you begin to BE in a whole new way… of being…of seeing the world and yourself. Let go of the inner critic and identify with the 1st/3rd Eye. All other things take care of themselves. So beautiful is the knowledge of self.

About whoiamenterprises

Our mission is to help you understand your life cycles to make better choices and to share positive practices and principles for conscious co-creation.
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