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Life flows like a river and when we flow with life, our lives are redeemed and rewarded with many riches from within and without.

The easiest and most fulfilling way for us to  flow with life is through our creative expressions that come from our hearts. Yet, I know what some of you may be thinking and that is, “that all sounds super solid, but what do you do when you have bills to pay or you’re afraid to risk everything and you’re not really sure what you want to select or if you’ll be successful?”

In a Healing with the Masters teleseminar hosted by Jennifer McLean, Pepper Lewis, a world-renowned author, teacher and channeler of Gaia (Mother Earth) energy, answered that same question for a caller in a most clear and concise way. Gaia, speaking through her, stated that first we must choose: 1) A Self (as in ourselves-above all else)  2) A Purpose (one that is meaningful and desired enough to commit to) 3) A Design (the creative expression that you’re most drawn to before the fear settles in) and 4) An Experience. I think the last step is the most important because it’s the reason we came to earth- to have experiences. If we come from this view-point, no matter what we choose, if we are in our heart center enjoying at best and just flowing at worst with the experience, it will assist us in becoming a better lover and liver of life.

We all know life changes and there are no guarantees, and this also goes for my creative visions for 2014. However, now I understand that even though the end result is uncertain, that’s no reason not to plan, to dream and to see what is possible. With that in mind, below is an overview of all my creative projects and their intended launch dates. As they say here is Mexico, we’ll both just have to “a ver a que pasa.”

Diasy Drive

My mother’s desire was to move back to Antigua, West Indies where she used to say, “meh navel string  buried.” My mother’s dream was to build an educational center that could support individuals and communities in healing themselves. My mother’s destiny will be to leave a legacy for the next generation because Miss Daisy’s Daughter, DeBorah, will be the driving force behind the Pushing Daisy Drive.

DeBorah B.’s Travel Bug Blog

“A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving.”- Lao Tzu

The idea for this travel blog has been a long time coming. It was back in 2009 when my friend Miguel originally designed the logo and the seeds of my travel blog was born. Little did I know how much significance the bee (Hebrew for Deborah) and the daisy on my logo would have today. On Nov. 14th, 2013 my mother, Daisy, made her transition and that was The Day That Changed Everything.

The number 10 has been known to be a number of manifestation and January 14, 2014 to November 14, 2014, will be approximately 10 months and also one year from the date of my mother’s passing. While bestselling author Elizabeth Gilbert , “Ate, Prayed, and Loved” her way through Italy, India and Indonesia, I’ll be “Traveling Writing, Fundraising and Book Publishing” my way through the next 10 months. The 10 Month Manifest Your Desires Campaign Page is where you can learn more.

I look forward to sharing my experiences and resources, whether it be traveling throughout the US and the Caribbean, connecting with family and friends, or visiting  Afro-Latino communities in Mexico, Venezuela, and Peru. I also look forward to sharing stories showcasing community storytellers and activists in the places I peruse.

PRAYERS OF A VIRGIN: Weekly Blog Posts                                                                    Aside from the regular creative posts in the forms of essays, book reviews or whatever else flows on this blog, I’ll be sharing a category of posts that is close to my heart. Every week, I’ll be posting a dialog between me and my higher guidance. The inspiration for this blog title came from my first love back in my college days when he called me out of the blue after not hearing from him in years (I don’t even know how he got my phone number). As always, he was right on time, always popping up when I was going through life’s fire, and hearing his voice was a healing balm.

He was calling to ask me a favor and what came out of his mouth surprised me, even today when I think of it. He said, “I need the prayers of a virgin.” At that time, I was a little shocked and embarrassed because , I didn’t hold my virginity as a badge of honor, but rather something that alienated me from the rest of society in some unspoken way.  I’ve come a long way since then and part of the reason it’s taken me so long to write my book in the past has had to do with me exposing my “literal” virginity up to age 32. In truth, I’ve always seen virginity as neither good nor bad, however, it’s the values, beliefs and judgments that society projected on me around sexuality that I’ve empathically picked up on and allowed to hinder my full expression. Now that I’ve broken free from all the mental madness, I’m also more free to share my most poetic expressions without concern for what others might think. So, from now on, I’ll be taking Dr. Seuss’ advice from his quote, “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”

Coming Full Circle: Kickstarting a 13 Yr. Dream in 9 Months

“Dreams are illustrations from the book your soul is writing about you.
~Marsha Norman

On Jan. 2, 1998, I had a revelation to write a memoir. I had just come off of my first 7 day silent retreat, following the advice of my good friend, actress BarbaraO, who does a silence retreat every year. I never heard of such a thing until then, but it just felt right in my soul, so I did it. Originally, I thought the title for my book was going to be Coming Full Circle: Acknowledging the Self, the Struggle, and the Saving Graces of Love.

There was a lot of things I still didn’t know. Little did I know how astrologically significant my book concept birthing date was and is. Little did I know that the title would morph into what it is today and yet still have a place for all the previous titles within in. Little did I know it would take me on what would be a 13 year journey- to the date! Little did I know that journey included moving from Atlanta, to Arizona, to California, to Pennsylvania, to St. Croix, Virgin Islands and then finally to Mexico. Little did I know it would involve decoding ancient occult knowledge and calendars. Little did I know that the key to meeting the “innerme” was to be transformed by unconditional love for the “enemy,” only to realize It’s All G.O.D. in the first place. And little did I know that Self-Love is THE hardest, yet only pathway leading to the  gates of heaven.

You can visit my blog, Coming Full Circle: Kickstarting a 13 Year Dream in 9 Months, where I share more of the history and goals of the book, as well as the creative and fundraising process. In November, I began sharing the actual book in the form of a private “blook.” With a minimum $5.oo donation, you’ll be able to support my effort and offer constructive criticism and feedback, as the chapters are coming “fresh off the press.”  Below is a link to make a donation. For the full list of premiums for each donations level, you can visit the blog.

$5.00– Access to Private “Blook”

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