Don Miguel Ruiz in his latest book, The Fifth Agreement: A Practical Guide to Self-Mastery says, “Be skeptical, but learn to listen.” Everybody has their version of reality based on their unique experiences and life path. There is no one way or one truth, yet we can learn to listen with an open mind and heart. In this way, it’s not about concluding “right or wrong,” but rather choosing “yes or no” for what rings true for you. If there IS a key to the gates of heaven of this new era, I think it would be non-judgment. To see all people, viewpoints and choices as valid to the one who thinks and lives them is not liberating and empowering to the “other”, but mostly to ourselves. George Clinton said it best in his song Flashlight with the verse “everybody’s got a little light….under the sun.” So staying true to the Ophiuchus, Eight of Clubs, World Bridger that I astrologically am,  here are the resources that I have to share.  With Jupiter in Scorpio, I’m always digging up unique and rarely known resources and it’s a privilege and an honor to share them. Some may challenge your worldview paradigm, so walk lightly and use the experience as an opportunity to grow. Some are free resources and some are not. Some are my affiliates and friends and some are not. However, all have made an impression, one way or another, worth sharing. I hope you enjoy the resources as much as I have.


Almine: Free Ascension Manual

Dan Winters: Interview on Fractal Field Technology

Frank Joseph: Lemuria & The Africian-Olmec Connection

Genetic Memory: Free Metaphysical Resources

Rick Smith: European Confessions of a Moorish Legacy: Part 1-6

THCTrust: On Becoming Sovereign

Sherry Peel Jackson: Wake The People International Ministry

R.V. Bey Publications: On Becoming Sovereign

Know The Ledge Blog Talk Radio

Yazoo Bey: American History X: African Presence in Ancient Americas

Sonia Barrett: Spirit in Form Media

Peter Moon: The Montauk Project

Kiara Windrider: Journey Into Forever

Dr. Joy DeGruy: Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome

Shifra: Authentic Kabbalah-Becoming a Luminary


Ask & Receive

Access Consciousness

Lefkoe Method: ReCreate Your Life

Derek Rydall: Law of Emergence

TAT Method

The Body Code/Emotion Code

Healing With the Masters

Mark Romero: Environmental Healing

The Release Technique

Rikka Zimmerman-Free Gifts

Jo Dunning- The Wish Project

Elyse Killoran- The Choosing Prosperity Game


All Things On Earth– Facebook Store in a Box

Conscious Marketing: Free E-Book- The Way of the Radical Business

Veronica Conway: 90 Day Business Breakthrough

Brian Whetten: Selling by Giving

Niche Marketing: 21 Free Video Tips

Social Media Blueprint


Kindle Cash: Simple Steps to Publishing Your E-Book

Transformational Author Teleseminar

The Hurston/Wright Foundation

A-List Blogging

The Memoir Network

Writing Spirit Blog

National Association of Memoir Writers


Breath of Life: A Conversation About Black Music


SaRoc The MC

Wisdom Worlds: Symbolic Inspirational Wear for Your Everyday Life

Resurrecting Love: A Feature Length Documentary Film




Culinary Healing- 21 Day Cleanse

Amarna Wellness

Raw Food World

The Forgotten Foods

All Things Moringa

Oil of Ojas


Sadies Babies

Vipassana Meditation: Free 10-Day Silent Retreat

Spirit of Water


The Attitudinal Healing Connection

Fractal Field Technologies

Growing a Global Heart

Global Coherence Initiative



Robert Camp: Free E-Course on the Destiny Cards

Eric Francis: Planet Waves FM Radio Show

Dorothy Muhammad-Name Chemist

AEON-Cosmic Numerologist

Rose Marcus: AstroLink


Anpu: My Astrology Coach


University of Kemetian Sciences: Adult and Children Classes

The Golden Chalice Mystery School

Secret of Secrets: Group On-line Meditation Sessions

NOWTIME School of Awakening

Naazir Ra: On-line Classes

Don Miguel Ruiz: Academy of Awareness

The Occult Network

Gangen: On-line Spiritual Community

Susun Weed: Wise Women University